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Welcome to the Adaptive Golf Academy

Since 2006, the Adaptive Golf Academy™ has been centered around providing education, training and consulting to Golf Professionals, Therapists, organizations and caring individuals desiring to become a coach / mentor to provide safe and effective lessons to those with a physical, cognitive and/or sensory impairment. The Adaptive Golf Academy Coach Training Workshop© is our educational platform merging both the demands of golf technique and of rehabilitation therapy. During our workshops, coaches / mentors gain an understanding of therapy modalities and Physical, Occupational, Recreation Therapist Professionals gain an understanding of golf's basic principles. Newly trained Coach Professionals / Coach Mentors will acquire a new level of comfort and confidence to help anyone of any ability learn or re-learn the game with proper adaptations. We're always in need of more support across the country to meet the demand of individuals looking to utilize golf as part of their therapy and recovery. Collaborating with local rehabilitation hospitals, therapy centers, service organizations and support groups has been key to developing recurring community clinics.

Founded by PGA Professional David Windsor and his team of highly experienced Golf Professional Coaches and Therapists, the Adaptive Golf Academy™ through it's Coach Training program, delivers the most relevant, comprehensive training to empower new coaches / mentors  looking to enhance lives through the game in their community.

Join us in reaching into the 57 million people in the U.S. with a disability (that's 1 in every 5 persons) by offering them a rehabilitative outlet through golf!  Learn more about our Adaptive Golf Coach Training Workshop© bringing both Golf & Therapy Professionals together to share best practices in working with adaptive needs persons (Juniors, Adults, our Veterans) and how to conduct adaptive golf lessons and clinics with continuity, safety and effectiveness. 
Beginning in 2006, our Coach Training Workshop© has served as the coach training entity for the Adaptive Golf Association, the PGA of America's HOPE "Helping Our Patriots Everywhere" program, Freedom Golf Association, Dept. of Veterans Affairs Adaptive Sports, Georgia State Golf Association, the United States Adaptive Golf Alliance (USAGA), PGA Sections and many community-based organizations.

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