"Live Beyond Your Expectations"

Become more! Attend or become a host of a Coach Training Workshop. Learn how golf is integrated with therapy modalities and begin impacting lives in your community today!

Coaches & Therapists

Search for an AGA Certified Adaptive Golf Coach or a program nearest you. Learn how to start an adaptive golf program in your community and initiate league play.

Adaptive Golfers & Supporters

The Adaptive Golf Academy was founded by PGA Professional David Windsor with the purpose of educating and training others to become adaptive golf coaches and conduct clinics and programs for ANYONE, with a focus on individuals with mobility, cognitive or sensory challenges!

Together through adaptive golf, we impact lives physically and socially, enhancing quality of life so more "Live Beyond Their Expectations!"  

​Join us in reaching the 52+ million people in the U.S. with a disability (that's 1 in every 5 persons) and offering them a rehabilitative outlet, by hosting an Adaptive Golf Academy Coach Training Workshop where we bring Golf and Therapy Professionals together to share best practices of working with adaptive needs persons and apply teaching adaptive golf with continuity, safety and effectiveness. 


To deliver the most relevant, comprehensive training approach, empowering coaches, adaptive golfers and community service organizations through hands-on, interactive experiences during training workshops. 


PGA Teaching Professional David Windsor, Adaptive Golf Academy Founder/Director, has been teaching adaptive golf lessons and conducting clinics "every week" for 17 years. David was first introduced to the "adaptive golf" concept in 1999 by Paul Goodlander, a physical therapist (trained by Adaptive Golf Association founder, Sonny Ackerman in 1997) who was utilizing golf as a rehabilitative tool with his clients; Stroke survivors, brain and spinal cord injured and others with physical/sensory issues in their recovery at a local golf course in Sarasota, FL. "It didn't take very long to see that there was much more happening than just some golf lessons" states David Windsor. After 6 years of weekly clinics and individual lessons, gaining extensive knowledge and documenting experiences, the Adaptive Golf Academy was created as the education platform to train others to serve others through the game via lessons and clinics in their communities.

Challenged juniors, adults, disabled Veterans and injured Military members and families have all benefited from our weekly programs. The Adaptive Golf Academy has become the coach training entity for the Adaptive Golf Association, PGA of America's HOPE "Helping Our Patriots Everywhere" program initiative as well as other partner organizations throughout the country.​

Veterans involved with adaptive golf programs have experienced it to be a very healthy outlet in their recovery both physically and mentally, promoting fellowship with other Patriots on the links! 
In the video below, see first-hand of the impact our adaptive golf programs are making for Veterans!


Adaptive golf truly is for ANYONE, regardless of age, gender, race, ability, or level of experience and/or challenge.  From the ever-so-common "bad back" and/or arthritic issues in aging golfers to much more major circumstances such as loss of limb, joint replacement, traumatic brain / spine injuries, vision loss and more, we aim to help individuals find their way back onto the course. Our approach is to properly evaluate the student and apply their abilities along with any modifications needed via technique, equipment and/or training aids for a safe, effective approach to reach their fullest potential.