"Live Beyond Your Expectations"


The recipe for a successful adaptive golf experience begins with 2 major ingredients; Proper coaching and the right equipment. Having properly sized clubs, training aids/assistive devices on-hand for that first lesson makes all the difference and will empower someone's abilities and "sense of hope" to further learn, play and enjoy all what this great game offers.

​Our customized training aids and equipment packages include but are not limited to: adaptive gloves, grips, wheelchair golf kits, high-loft clubs with E-Z flex/lightweight shafts, preferred lie angles, "believe it boards" and a variety of other helpful programming items.

We have customized training aids and Adaptive Player kits (for both indoor and outdoor green-grass clinics) to over 30 Veteran Hospitals and countless Community Adaptive programs over the years. Contact David today to discuss your program needs in more detail.

Adaptive Equipment / Training Aids